CaveofswordS makes dub-wave with heavy doses of soundtrack, psych rock, electronica, and shoegaze.
Active since 2011, actualized in 2012, CavofswordS released their first full length Silverwalks in the summer of 2012. That same year, several singles from Silverwalks were adapted to video, including Kill It With Fire, Ghryme, Glowing, and Orison. In January 2013, CaveofswordS released Skillwavers, the highly anticipated remix album of Silverwalks. Skillwavers included remixes by local, national and international artists. CaveofswordS has just completed recording their second full length album, which will be released in the winter.10-17-14
CaveofswordS is Kevin McDermott (producer, beats, keys, guitar, bass, live visuals), Sunyatta McDermott (lyrics, vocals, keys, bass, guitar), and Eric Armbruster (keys, guitar, bass, supporting vocals), Zagk Gibbons (drums).

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